iPad – so I’ve caved in but I’m not regretting it for a second

So I gave in and got my friend to get me an iPad on his travels. I know I was pondering this for quite a while even blogging about it last week. Last weekend I was wandering through the shops and had a little play with the Galaxy Tab. It was nice looking, but it just didn’t have the “wow” factor that the iPad has IMHO. So I relented and bought one. Continue reading iPad – so I’ve caved in but I’m not regretting it for a second

Mary Meeker On Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask And Answer

This is a pretty interesting article / presentation. Makes me sad how the boom in the mobile internet has not been driven by Nokia. The potential has been there for years (I paid a bill to the bank with my phone back in 2000 FFS – it’s not new) but we have not been the drivers. Hopefully this will change!

The Steve Jobs factor is intriguing. I am optimistic that we have our messiah in Mr. Elop.

N900 – Music & Media

Three weeks after my N900 arrived, which was worth the wait, I have been getting to know the device better. One of my many uses for the phone is as a music player. In this post I will cover the applications, built in or otherwise that I have tried so far; the trials & tribulations; the good and the bad. As I previously mentioned, whilst waiting for the N900 I had been checking out the apps available and assessing the best options for many of the uses of the phone. Music and media was one such area. Continue reading N900 – Music & Media

N900 – Worth The Wait

After ordering a N900 two and a half months ago, the wait finally ended on Wednesday when I got to unbox my N900. I decided that I had to share my thoughts about the whole experience and would be very interested in your feedback to see if you felt the same way too. My first experiences of Nokia touch phones came at the turn of the year with the 5800 XpressMusic. Continue reading N900 – Worth The Wait

Ovi Revisited

Perhaps I am in a difficult position as I have seen Alpha versions as well as public Betas, but I have tried many of the Ovi services a while back and was quite frustrated by the whole thing. However, after the announcements at Nokia World 2009 I decided to bite the bullet and try them again. Here is a summary of the services I have tried again in the last month. Continue reading Ovi Revisited