Moving From Posterous

I just noticed yesterday that Posterous is closing down. I need to move all my site to a new host and though WordPress would be the easiest way. Let’s see how this all goes.

I’ve got until the end of April to get everything transferred – including DNS. Hope I can get this done in time. Then I can maybe concentrate on getting some actual “quality” content out there.

In the meantime, if you are looking for some Social Media / Web Analytics geekery, check out EzyInsights!!

If you are looking for good virtual DNS service, check out Unblock Us!!

Unfair advantage


“As a former player, I know how hard it is to achieve success on the pitch and the suggestion that somehow Rangers sought to gain unfair advantage was deeply insulting to me and others who had worn the Rangers jersey with immense pride.” – says Ally McCoist.

How can say that when the club employed players they couldn’t afford, Sorry. Respect for Ally diminished. Feeling of shame towards the club couldn’t be higher.

Nokia Musiikki

Leave (Get Out)JoJoKappaleen numero6Kappaleen nimiLeave (Get Out)Artisti(t)JoJo Kesto4:01 Näyte CLIPHinta0,99 €Albumilta2000’s XXX Rated – [The Dave Cash Collection]Various Artists15 kappalettaTyylilajiPopJulkaisupäivä01 tammikuuta 2010Levy-yhtiöThe Dave Cash Collection – OMP
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I’m listening to: Leave (Get Out) by JoJo on my amazing Nokia Lumia. (why) – lyrics & unlimited skips. Worth it when you’re in unknown zone….

Cyanide & Happiness

As you may have read before, we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a full Cyanide & Happiness animation series. We now have a final date for the launch! We launch the campaign on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH!! TELL EVERYONE!! This is gonna be a huge year for C&H, stay tuned!!
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I love their comics, would be fun to see a fully animated version..

7 Ways to get Retweeted

  ☆ Tweet topics that everyone enjoys. ☆ Try to provide a variety of Retweetable tweets. ☆ Be generous with your Retweets and in time you will be noticed. ☆ Pay it forward when possible and recognize people who Retweet you frequently. …
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Giving it a go .. RT @zaibatsu: Top 7 Ways To Get Re-Tweeted RT @anntran_: #sm #tips

Top Twenty-One Ways to Encourage Strong Link Growth | Susan Gilbert

2012 saw Google virtually do away with SEO altogether. At least, that’s what they want you to think.
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Interesting read – “@blogboy2: RT @SusanGilbert Stop worrying about #SEO and concentrate on what Google is really after