Are You Going My Way Lenny?

So after months of anticipation the night finally arrived and Lenny Kravitz flew away from the US to the shores of an autumnal Finland. To be honest I was not a big a fan. I find his musical quite suicide inducing at times.

Live though – Wow!!


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ATV – how it is today

I still get quite a bit of traffic (relatively) to old posts about Apple TV running XBMC. Today I thought I’d shed some light on my current setup around the house. To be honest the hardware hasn’t changed much but the software has.

All media that I have in digital format are still served from my old Mac mini. Primarily since my music and video files are iTunes compatible. This is the first major talking point since my last posts on the subject.


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Airbourne in Finland

As I’ve been publishing mostly music posts over the past couple of months, I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper into the photo archives and share some Airbourne with you.

Airbourne are a no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall, AC/DC-esk hard rock band who I’ve been lucky enough to see twice so far in Finland. And I will go and see them again if they come back to this country.


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