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Download Free Weight Tracker Excel Template

I’ve been using a simple excel template to record my weight over the past almost year and a half. Now you can download the template so you can record your weight over time too.

2016 Weight Status Summary

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Weight Status 2016

Key Weight Stats for 2016

I’ve posted some of these images already, but here are some key weight stats for my 2016. As I got a funky set of scales for Christmas I won’t be using the old excel any more, but I thought that I would share my template with you if you want to record your weight too. More details in a coming post this week.

2016 Weight Stats Status Summary

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

What I did in 2016 to Achieve My Weight Loss Targets

Achieving my weight loss targets for 2016 would be harder, I knew, after losing 15kg first phase in 2015.

As per previous posts on how to achieve SMART goals and targets, (and last year’s too) and how I fared this year it is again time for the gory details of how I got to where I am today.

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

My Weight Loss Targets For 2016

My weight loss targets for 2016 would change from my initial plans for a number of reasons. My “pie in the sky goal plans” were to lose 20kg. From my phase one diet I lost over 15kg, but of course put back 3,5kg on my vacation (as partly expected).

So my weight when starting phase two was 81,6kg, down 12kg from when I started the diet. I would aim again at 0,5kg per week for 20 weeks. So total loss would be 22kg and an end weight of 71,6kg – surpassing my goals. However as time went on I had to reassess the situation a bit.

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

How I changed my eating habits – 3 phases

As I write this I am 3 weeks away from completing my second stint of concentrated weight loss: mostly achieved through changing my eating habits.

As I already said I had a program for 20 weeks in 2015, took a break, then started for another 20 week cycle to finally reach my goals.

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Hints, tips & tricks to successful weight loss

Use Small Steps & Micro Targets To Reach Your Goal

Dieting can be pretty difficult at the best of times. Whether you are forced to diet or not, setting up SMART targets helps gives you something to aim at. But what about the motivation? Use small steps & micro targets.

If, using my target weight loss as the example, you told yourself that you are aiming to lose 22kg that sounds a lot. In my case I believe it is since it is almost a quarter of my start out body-weight. You might be so put off by the enormity of the task at hand that you give up before you start.

To make it attainable, relevant and timely all help in making the goal achievable. But how do you then get the drive and belief to actually reach these goals?

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

Break From Dieting – What Happened After Phase One

As planned I had completed my 20 week phase of dieting and surpassed my 10kg weight loss target by over 5kg. But now it was time for a break from dieting. I was sure though that during my intended time away that I would put some the weight back on.

The aim for this period was then to control the kilos and not pile the pounds back on. I had a specific allowance or target in mind for the 3 week period.

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

Achieve Targets in Weight Loss – What I did in 2015

I’ve set this post up nicely to show how to achieve targets  in weight loss by defining my SMART goals and targets, showing the key statistics in reaching my goal. Now it is time to detail the gritty details of what I did to lose 15kg in 20 weeks.

You might be thinking that this figure is hardly dramatic. It is not, that’s true. As I stated earlier, I wanted to lose weight in a maintainable way. This is not a quick fix solution. I hope that this can make a difference to my weight for the rest of my life.

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A Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to Not So Heavy – a site all about my weight loss journey. Well, it’s not all about me though but I will share some of my experiences over the past year that I hope will help you lose some weight, and keep it off.

The domain was purchased in March 2016 while I was on my second stint of losing weight to get to my goal set back in August 2015. How I got to where I am now is available, just have a dig around or a quick search. Or you could start with why I decided to lose weight to see the motivations.

I would love to hear from you too. Want to share your tips and success? Comment away on any of the posts you feel are worth talking about. I hope to publish some user-contributed stories on experiences and learnings.

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