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homemade vegetable stock being made

Homemade Vegetable Stock

This homemade vegetable stock “recipe” could be in the tips & tricks section as this is not a full recipe, but it is absolutely a great way to utilize waste and also be in control of your ingredients.

This tip will not save you a tonne of money and I cannot claim credit for this tip, but I have found it a really useful technique to get the most from food waste and create delicious flavors with no gluten or additives guaranteed.

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mozzarella tomato pizza

Looking For A Silver Lining – 3 Positives To Keep Motivation

Every cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. 6 weeks into my 2018 20 week “diet” program I am looking for positives after another week of weight gain.

This is the second week of increased weight though the gain this time is higher than the last. There were a few factors that may have contributed to this – as usual related to drinking, eating and moving.

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January fruit of choice - persimmon.

January in Numbers – Top Stats to Start the Year

January 2018 was my first #DryJanuary. As my weight had sky-rocketed during the second half of 2017 it made sense to give this fad a shot as part of the new year, new me program.

My goal for 2018 was to shed the excess of 2017 that I am going to attribute to quitting smoking. However, I fully intend to exercise to complement the eating program: simple kilos lost will not be my only goal.

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Things You Can Eat Without A Conscience

Things You Can Eat Without A Conscience TLDR >>

I bookmarked this article quite some time ago, thinking that it would be good to reference and also interesting to see how many of the foods on the list I actually eat regularly.

conscience free popcorn?

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A new me ... Veggie Stir Fry

A New Year, A New Me

A New Year, A New Me – how often have you heard that or seen it written online?

This would be true for me though. After maintaining peak weight for 6 months last year, things went pear-shaped when I quit smoking.

So time for a change.

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weight 2017

3 Things I’ve Learned This Year – The Hard Way

I’ve learned many things this year but after all the jubilation and success of 2016, exceeding my goals of losing 20 kgs, 2017 has been a bit of a scunner.

Things were going pretty well for the first half. I had conceded 0,5 kg as an acceptable “over”  – surviving holidays away, partying with friends and general non-exercise that I’d tried to maintain since the turn of the year.

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weight 2017

The Fight Is On … Time to Lose Weight Again

It’s been over 8 months since I last posted on this blog, Not So Heavy but I feel that must write again as the fight to lose weight is back on.

For many months, my weight had remained stable, around the 74kg mark. It was slightly up on my lowest weight but I was quite content, especially since I was not really exercising. I wasn’t drinking water like a boss and I wasn’t even getting to measure 10k steps per day on my toy any more.

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Withings body cardio

Mathematics of Weight Loss

This video just came up on my Facebook stream today, it seems like the fundamentals of what I have been preaching about weight loss were right according to science & mathematics.

Apparently I missed one part though, so I maybe need to update my 2 life changing habits to 3?

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around belly 80 weeks

Around the Belly in 80 Weeks

My belly – the driver for my whole weight loss journey in the first place. It’s been 80 weeks since I started measuring my weight weekly. Here are just a few of the highlights on the way as I strove to navigate around the belly instead of the world.

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Withings body cardio

Normalization and New Toys

Normalization was a goal of mine after my weight loss efforts. Now I have another new toy to measure my normality and hopefully give me enough incentives to keep the weight off and eventually get a bit fitter too.

My diet ended officially on boxing day last year (2016) since then I have been trying to lead a normal life: no more souping!

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