Thanks for taking time out to read this disclaimer. It covers methods and advice, as well as any website waivers. The whole site is built around good faith.

As with any diets, dieting techniques & exercising,  seek medical advice before proceeding!

I am neither doctor, nor physiotherapist. My friends and colleagues have banged on at me for months for doing things wrong.

Disclaimer - not everything on this site will work for you when trying to lose weight

I admit, these measures may not work for all. However these steps and procedures have worked well for me so far. However I believe I compensate in other areas to get me out of potential trouble: “exercise” being the main thing.

You will notice after some time on this site that I actually don’t refer to “exercise” too much. I would prefer to talk and engage in activity.

4 Reasons Why You Have to Read this Disclaimer

  1. I cannot guarantee that these methods will work for you. Your mileage may vary, but I would be pretty sure that if you eat the food pictured above more than once every couple of months you will put on weight
  2. I will not take any responsibility if you become ill from over exertion or malnutrition. I have already advised you to speak to a doctor or trainer
  3. Images are mostly my own, anything I’ve used appeared freely usable. If you want credit, please use the email link at the foot of the page
  4. I will not sell or distribute any details to anyone. Ever. Check the cookie policy for additional information

So have fun on the site, good luck with the weight loss but stay safe!!