Yesterday I summarized how I planned to lose 10kg in a 20 week period at the end of 2015. I set up a number of targets along the way to make the whole process SMART. In this post I will highlight a few facts and figures to show the status.

First things first my starting weight was 93,6kg. Pretty heavy for a small guy (173cm). We, my competition and I, had discussed the challenge for a while and I actually lost 0,6kg from the previous week. But that does not count for this period although I know in my heart of hearts that I had actually peaked in weight a few weeks before.

Weight Loss Status – Key Stats

  • Start weight: 93,6kg
  • End weight: 78,2kg
  • Weight lost: 15,4kg
  • Percentage of start weight: 83,5%
  • Weekly average loss: 0,77kg


Weight Loss Chart 2015

20 week overview of weight loss progress and activity.

Activity is the weekly average provided by my activity band, a Polar Loop, based on 100% daily activity being around 13 000 steps. The red line shows the weekly difference in weight. With the exception of two weeks there was a consistent reduction in weight.

Weight Loss Target Check List

  1. Get under 90kg – week 5
  2. Lose 10lbs ( @4,5kg ) – week 6
  3. Lose 1 stone ( @6kg ) – week 7
  4. Get to 85kg – week 10
  5. Lose 20 lbs – week 10
  6. Get to target weight of 83,6kg ( 10kg lost ) – week 13
  7. Lose 2 stone ( @12kg ) [bonus] – week 15
  8. Lose 30lbs  [bonus] – week 19
  9. Get under 80kg [bonus] – week 19
  10. Lose more weight than my friend – yes

So as you can see I hit all my targets and the final goal for this period. Many of the targets were very close together but the fact that there were a few weeks between most of them meant that I always had the motivation to hit the next target quickly.

How I actually achieved the weight loss will be in the next post. You can see from the chart though that there actually isn’t much of a correlation with activity. As stated activity is not exercise per se. It is mostly walking and being up on my feet. I plan to incorporate some gym type work in the next stint.

Do you think these incremental targets would help you if they were modified to your weight and ambition?