Last week marked one full year since I started my diet program – or change of lifestyle. I don’t normally take measurements too seriously midweek, but to mark the anniversary I decided to log the details.

I posted a few week ago about the 5 things I have learnt so far since ending my diet but as I hit the anniversary many things have become more apparent.

This time last year I was 17kg heavier than now. I managed to get to 20kg below, but holidays and another change in lifestyle mean that I am currently stuck at this weight.

My diet was never going to be sustainable

As well as the many healthy habits that I partook in over the past year, I realize that a calorie deficient diet is not sustainable. As well as the body getting used to your habits, it is not a particularly healthy habit. A balanced diet is the way to go.

Exercise does change the body

This might sound hypocritical given some of my earlier comments about doing minimal exercise, but again there should be a balance.

Before I started my “Home Gym” program I was at least walking a fair distance daily. Minimal targets since I classified myself as being in a desk job.
That said, I know many with similar sort of jobs and step counter apps but they set their target to 10 000 steps daily.

Even I can get to 13 000 steps – challenge yourself!

With the home gym which I am doing 3 times a week I can notice a real difference. Although I have put on 3kg since I stopped with the conscious effort of dieting my trousers are no tighter than before around the waste. I am expecting, though not measuring, that some of the remaining fat and additional bulk on the past few months is indeed muscle.

I can dream!

Still being careful what I eat

Given that I have put on 5kg during my trip to the UK, I have to be aware of the things that I am eating still. I have been souping a bit again to try to stabilize the weight, but as per the previous segment in this post, I do expect to put on (or at least not lose) weight as I up the exercise.


My son asked the other day if I’m back on the diet program. I said “no, not really” – but life is full of compromises. I like wine. I won’t cut that out of my life completely, so I need to balance that intake with the “goodies” that I consume. I still skip, mostly, ice creams and chocolates. I love these, but I would prefer to have a glass of wine instead – if I can only have one thing.

So there you have it. 9.5 weeks since stopping the diet, per se, I have gained 3kg but don’t feel stressed about it at all. After all, I am 17kg down from a year ago.

I will never go back to what I weighed this time last year. I am determined.

What drives you?