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Not so healthy


First batch of first BBQ of the year :-)


Christmas spread. No meat for me though!

homemade vegetable stock being made

Homemade Vegetable Stock

This homemade vegetable stock “recipe” could be in the tips & tricks section as this is not a full recipe, but it is absolutely a great way to utilize waste and also be in control of your ingredients.

This tip will not save you a tonne of money and I cannot claim credit for this tip, but I have found it a really useful technique to get the most from food waste and create delicious flavors with no gluten or additives guaranteed.

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Recipes to help you lose weight

My Recipes to Compliment Weight Loss

Thanks for visiting the Recipes section of Not So Heavy. Food was an instrumental factor in my weight loss program. I am going to share some of my favorite recipes here.┬áTo prepare for what’s ahead I thought I would give a basic rundown of things that you will need to create recipes to compliment your weight loss.

First things first: To get my weight down I replaced one or sometimes 2 meals a day with soup. I will explain on other post how I actually broke down my daily eating habits. But for now it is enough to know that soup was a major part of my diet.

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