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Month: March 2016

I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

10 Things I’ve Had More Of Since My Diet Began

Since starting dieting back in August 2015 I have had to modify many habits in the way I eat and there have been many lifestyle improvements too. These changes have led to me getting a lot more of certain things than when I was weighty.

The internet loves lists apparently. So what better way to contribute to the World Wide Web than by adding yet another one to the repository?

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

My Weight Loss Goal & How I Planned to Achieve It

With my motivation for losing weight becoming more urgent with every passing week I decided that I had to shed some heft.

This post shows what my weight loss goal was to be and how I planned to achieve it.

Summer had passed and I had a winter trip to Thailand to look forward to. What better way of losing weight is there when you have a clear target date in mind? My goal was simple: lose some weight.

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Hints, tips & tricks to successful weight loss

Set Yourself SMART Targets

SMART targets give you a realistic chance of achieving you are aiming for.

Be it business or personal life, you should have some goals. These are the motivation to do your work successfully or live your life to its full potential. However you need to have some system in place otherwise you set yourself crazy goals that you may have absolutely no chance of achieving. Of course, as you will see below, not all are totally relevant but the gist of it is.

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Hints, tips & tricks to successful weight loss

2 Life Changing Habits

Since Not So Heavy was initially about my weight loss and things I have done to change my lifestyle it seems only fair to share these simple life changing habits with you.

Generally I am not a very motivated person, but as I continued with losing weight I soon became quite obsessed by weight, and even activity levels to some degree. Over time it got to the point where I was weighing myself every day, sometimes more than once, despite my weigh-in time being the same time on the same day of the week… Every week.

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Hints, tips & tricks to successful weight loss

3 Things this Diet is About & 3 Things It’s Not

Having done some research on other sites and Twitter accounts with similar subjects, weight loss, it was glaringly apparent that I should clarify what this diet and site is about.

There seems to be a lot of “amazing” ways to lose weight, often with a price tag. This site is not one of them. It is a genuine account of my weight loss journey over the past year – as I approach my goal.

Hopefully reading this and other posts on the site you will realize that this is just one guy trying to share his experiences in the hope that it will help someone. The knowledge and experience I am sharing won’t work for everyone.

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Recipes to help you lose weight

My Recipes to Compliment Weight Loss

Thanks for visiting the Recipes section of Not So Heavy. Food was an instrumental factor in my weight loss program. I am going to share some of my favorite recipes here. To prepare for what’s ahead I thought I would give a basic rundown of things that you will need to create recipes to compliment your weight loss.

First things first: To get my weight down I replaced one or sometimes 2 meals a day with soup. I will explain on other post how I actually broke down my daily eating habits. But for now it is enough to know that soup was a major part of my diet.

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

Why I Decided That I Had Lose Weight

What were my motivations to lose weight? Let me jump back a few years.

As I reached my mid-forties my weight had just gone up and up. I don’t exercise much. Scratch that. Apart from walking I don’t exercise at all. I am very lazy in that area and really have no desire to go to a gym.

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A Weight Loss Journey

Welcome to Not So Heavy – a site all about my weight loss journey. Well, it’s not all about me though but I will share some of my experiences over the past year that I hope will help you lose some weight, and keep it off.

The domain was purchased in March 2016 while I was on my second stint of losing weight to get to my goal set back in August 2015. How I got to where I am now is available, just have a dig around or a quick search. Or you could start with why I decided to lose weight to see the motivations.

I would love to hear from you too. Want to share your tips and success? Comment away on any of the posts you feel are worth talking about. I hope to publish some user-contributed stories on experiences and learnings.

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