Not So Heavy was born from a couple of ideas that came together at the same time. I will highlight firstly why I created the site and then, perhaps more importantly, why to lose weight. I will talk about why I specifically wanted to shed some kilos in a subsequent blog post. The site is about how I am losing weight and tips to help you too. This page illustrates why I created the site and then why to lose weight.

For almost 1 year I have been on a pretty stringent diet to try to lose some weight. Actually quite a lot of weight. The second idea is a web analytics showcase… I will discuss that elsewhere though but as you may be able to tell from a few of my posts: I like data.

The site will cover the history of my “diet” and provide hints and tips that I hope readers will find motivational in helping them to reach their goals and targets.

3 Reasons for Having a Weight Loss Website

  1. To showcase what I have achieved
  2. To brush up on “geek” skills and showcase that elsewhere
  3. To help others, be it through guidance or motivation

I still ate burgers but it won't help you really in losing weight

The site will cover many aspects of dieting, activity ( I don’t use “exercise” frequently ) and general life habits that have affected my well-being. I hope that I can help at least one person feel better about themselves or introduce them to some of the food that helped me on my weight loss journey.

3 Reasons for Losing Weight

  1. You will feel better
  2. You will look better, to yourself and to others
  3. You may just live a little longer and be able to get more out of life

This is not a definitive list, I am sure I will modify this many times throughout the lifetime of this site. There will be other lists too that I hope will inspire. I know some of the items listed motivated me during the whole losing weight process. I would love to hear from you on how this site does, or does not, help you.

Enjoy the site, but please read the disclaimer about the content on site and stay safe.

PS: You may have notice a few naughty food pictures. Don’t feel that you can’t have a day off once in a while – this will be my “tips” later.