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Weight Loss Status Q2 2019

So here we are again, I weighed in a couple of weeks ago for my half year check up and things are pretty OK.

I had set myself I really low target to lose: 5KG in the year but as I said in the previous post, it’s more about my lifestyle than my weight.

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Halfway there - living on a balanced vegetarian diet

Weight Loss Status Q1 2019

I have set myself a really low target for 2019 with regards to my weight. I have decided that I do need to get back to my lowest recorded weight in recent years however my health, in general, is more important so I am not going to “diet” per se and I intend to actually move a bit more. But how is going so far?

around belly 80 weeks
The weight has gone up a bit since then, but the overall trends are good methinks.

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My Weight Loss Status for 2018

So here we are again – another rotation around the sun. Did you have any goals with regards to your weight or physical well-being? How did you get on?

I made a fundamental lifestyle change in 2018 which may, or may not, have contributed to a slow year metabolism wise. I tried to go vegan but in the end went what could be described as flexitarian (or semi-vegetarian).

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Weight Status 2016

Weight Status 2016

Back 2015 I had set myself some goals for my weight. The first 20 weeks were spent trying to achieve these goals. After a couple of weeks in the UK, and some 5kg later, for the rest of the year I was playing catch up to make the weight again.

I have brought some exercise into my left, though that has subsided somewhat recently. However general well-being as improved, my blood pressure now falls into the “normal” bracket and I am trying to get a decent amount of quality sleep.

2016 Weight Status Summary

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

My Weight Loss Status For 2016

My second stint of dieting finished on Monday this week. Another stretch of 20 weeks to try to get my weight down to what I consider acceptable for me… After I Decided That I Had Lose Weight I managed to lose 15kg in my first phase of dieting – only to put 3 of it back during a 3 week holiday in Thailand.

After some time into this phase though I realized that I might have to modify my targets somewhat. Below are the key stats from the 20 week period up to May 30th this year.

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I lost weight using some the techniques mentioned in this section

My Weight Loss Status For 2015

Yesterday I summarized how I planned to lose 10kg in a 20 week period at the end of 2015. I set up a number of targets along the way to make the whole process SMART. In this post I will highlight a few facts and figures to show the status.

First things first my starting weight was 93,6kg. Pretty heavy for a small guy (173cm). We, my competition and I, had discussed the challenge for a while and I actually lost 0,6kg from the previous week. But that does not count for this period although I know in my heart of hearts that I had actually peaked in weight a few weeks before.

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A new me ... Veggie Stir Fry

A New Year, A New Me

A New Year, A New Me – how often have you heard that or seen it written online?

This would be true for me though. After maintaining peak weight for 6 months last year, things went pear-shaped when I quit smoking.

So time for a change.

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weight 2017

3 Things I’ve Learned This Year – The Hard Way

I’ve learned many things this year but after all the jubilation and success of 2016, exceeding my goals of losing 20 kgs, 2017 has been a bit of a scunner.

Things were going pretty well for the first half. I had conceded 0,5 kg as an acceptable “over”  – surviving holidays away, partying with friends and general non-exercise that I’d tried to maintain since the turn of the year.

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around belly 80 weeks

Around the Belly in 80 Weeks

My belly – the driver for my whole weight loss journey in the first place. It’s been 80 weeks since I started measuring my weight weekly. Here are just a few of the highlights on the way as I strove to navigate around the belly instead of the world.

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Withings body cardio

Normalization and New Toys

Normalization was a goal of mine after my weight loss efforts. Now I have another new toy to measure my normality and hopefully give me enough incentives to keep the weight off and eventually get a bit fitter too.

My diet ended officially on boxing day last year (2016) since then I have been trying to lead a normal life: no more souping!

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