What about us?

So months after seeing Within Temptation’s kick off gig for their Hydra European tour I finally bought the album. After a few weeks of pretty regular listening my thoughts about the album and the band are still inconclusive.


If you have read my review of the Within Temptation gig in Helsinki you will know that I was somewhat undecided about their performance. Perhaps unfamiliarity was the main issue but after a couple of weeks I think that this was probably something else.

Their album contains many duets (4) – why?

Can no one else in the band sing? Don’t get me wrong I love “What about us?” with Tarja. “The whole world is watching” is another cracker. But in my mind these didn’t work live.

P!nk tried a duet with a large projection on screen which almost worked, but again you can’t really beat the real thing. I guess the real disappointment here has that Tarja was not there in person.


Back to the album, and some of the non-duets are awesome, “Covered by Roses” is one of my favorites. However, to me, most of the music slightly misses the mark. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The album is almost brilliant … but it is not quite there. Maybe it will take more time.

I do “like” it, and I will definitely go and see them again – especially if they were to have a support like Delain (as they did for most of Europe) but they just don’t quite make it to classic.

What do you think? Better that the Unforgiving? Look out for Delain?