Went down to South Park .. Had myself an amazing time

After the weeks of build up, the day I had been waiting for finally arrived. From the previous weekend and further back, counting the number of sleeps to the event, the excitement finally came to a head on Saturday with the South Park Festival in Tampere.

In upcoming posts I’ll share more pictures and thoughts about the performances. Today, however, I will share more general feelings about the event, the organization, the weather and how things pieced together.

The day started at 6AM. I couldn’t sleep any more. I packed my bag and waited to leave for my train. The weather at this point was fine, but rain was expected so I packed a couple of plastic rain jackets just in case.

9AM and it was time to go the train station. Living out of Helsinki I needed to get a train to catch at train. I arrived in Pasila around 10AM and met my anti-social (Media) friend. No pubs open yet so we went to the local kiosk, bought a couple of tinnies and sat outside the train station.


11AM and we were getting on the train to Tampere. There was no bar, but there was a drinks trolley. My anti-social (Media) friend kindly requested 8 cans of beer but was knocked backed. Only one can per person at a time. Thankfully, and somewhat begrudgingly, they came by us another couple of times.

1PM and we are at the hotel. The room was not ready, but we managed to leave our stuff and headed straight to the gig. After a slight detour (we went to the wrong park entrance) we arrived. As soon as we got to the beer tent / second stage it started slashing down. Perfect timing.

The rain only really affected Battle Beast, unfortunately for them. So it was a view from the bar for them and given our sobriety at the time we were following the bands that sandwiched them on the small stage.

  • 14.45 BATTLE BEAST
  • 18.00 H.E.A.T (SWE)
  • 20.00 W.A.S.P (USA)
  • 22.15 EUROPE (SWE)

From here on in the times are a bit vague. The schedule is on the official site but we watched all the main stage bands and partly listened to the 2nd stage artists. The latter was kind of compulsory since you had to be there to get any drink. Some of those bands were for sure better than others but comparing them to say the 2nd stage at Tuska last year the over all level was a lot better. Mostly Finnish – see more here.


Overall the organization of the event was pretty good. We had great views, never had to wait too long for a beer and the queues to the troughs weren’t too bad either. Food choice was limited a bit and more queueing there required, but it was alright. Price were 6,50é for a pint/can and around 10e for a plate of muck.

We got back to the hotel around 12:30AM. Thoroughly exhausted, drunk and satisfied.


Were you there? What was your favourite band of the day? There’s a little hint to mine above.

Look out for more posts about the main stage bands in the coming days.