We Are So Prosaic … At South Park, Tampere

The banner on stage claimed WASP was celebrating 32 years. It’s a wonder they have lasted that long. OK, I guess WASP really is only Blackie Lawless.

Whatever their history, I found them pretty boring. They probably played OK, and it may be because I only really knew the band’s first couple of albums, but I lost interest pretty quickly and went on the hunt for more beer.


I saw them a few years back in Helsinki and was less than impressed by them that time too. It might be due to the lack of decent material. Set list available here.

I found that his (Blackie Lawless) interaction with the crowd was OK but I think that he didn’t work too hard. Getting one half to shout “hey” and then the other half .. and having them compete to see who was the loudest was pretty lame. Perhaps I’m just too old. Perhaps they are just not the band for me.


Rating was fifth out of the five main stage acts. Performance-wise probably around 6.

Did you enjoy them?