Touring Down the Walls – H.E.A.T Rock Tavastia

I’ve been looking forward to this gig for months. H.E.A.T are right up there with my favourite bands. Such energy and enthusiasm on stage – these guys are a real must see live band.

Since I found out they were coming to Finland on the 12th of December and buying tickets the next day, I anticipated an energetic and fun gig. It was brilliant..

Wake up call. Living on the run!! #heatsweden #finland

Obviously excited by their arrival I got tickets straight away and didn’t even consult whether others were available for the concert or not.

We arrived early at the gig, since we were unsure of what time these guys would actually get on stage at first – or perhaps fear of getting too drunk to find the venue.


The place was empty, but really filled up nicely for showtime. We started off with a really good view in the middle of the crowd. I went forward a bit to take some closer shots and realised there was a gap right at the stage at the side. We decided to stay there and take in the show stage side.



The stage made a good table for a many drinks and we danced and jumped around like a couple of drunken teenagers, totally in awe of the band.


We were delighted at that point to be able to high five the singer and bass player towards the end of the gig.

Since I have their latest 2 albums I’m really familiar with their music, so I wasn’t left disappointed with anything they may have missed out. They played the couple of usual older tracks too – taking time to have a little koskenkorva as promised.


Highlight of the gig, probably, was Tearing Down the Walls. This is such a good track and sounds great in all locations. H.E.A.T to me should be playing arenas. Their time will come, I’m sure of it.


Seeing them in a smaller venue allows you to get such a better view and you certainly get more absorbed into the atmosphere when you can almost (or actually) touch them.


A truly fantastic show, but it was to get even better. That’s another blog post though, so stay tuned.

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Were you there? What level of awesome do you give the show?