Top of the world – Imagine Dragons come to Finland in 2016

A story of coincidence, loose chat in the car and online purchase whilst driving *, this is how Imagine Dragons have come into my, and my family’s, life culminating with a gig in Helsinki in January 2016.

Having seen Within Temptation in February 2014 I eventually bought the album about six months later. While playing the album at home on evening my eldest child said that he recognized one of the songs. That song was “Radio Active” – an Imagine Dragons cover.

Whilst I do prefer the Within Temptation version of this song, it did make me investigate Imagine Dragons a bit more. And I like what I heard.

Roll on 10 months and a drive to the middle of Finland for my niece’s christening. What to listen to in the car? I’d gone through the inevitable Nightwish phase. Let’s play Imagine Dragons for a change.

Having just started planning a wee break in Munich in July, the missus proudly announced the Imagine Dragons were playing in Munich some time soon.

Eager to see if there could some fantastic coincidence that they were playing there at the same time, we checked their tour dates. October. Bugger, what if they are coming to Finland?

Tickets for January 2016 in the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki went on sale only 3 days earlier. Do you want to go? Think the kids would like it?

Yes and yes. So due to the benefits of having accounts with the ticketing agencies here I could dictate my details to the co-driver and buy tickets there and then driving at 120KM/H.

So the whole family is going. It will be Kitty’s first gig. For Sophie there are some big boots to be filled.

Are you going?