There has to be 1 Music Festival worth going to this year?

By this time last year I had seen a couple of gigs and was anticipating great things for the coming months. There were plenty of festivals to look forward to and I had already gotten my tickets to see a couple of them.

2016 seems to be a bit different. There are lots of festivals, but none of them so far have more than 1 or 2 bands that I would actually like to see.



I have tickets to see Muse in June. I am looking forward to that on the back of their last visit to Helsinki in 2013.

Nightwish are playing at the same venue as Linkin Park later on in the year. I liked the venue and although I haven’t got tickets yet … I will.

However, these are only 2 bands, what about all the ones that are doing the festival circuit this summer?

Delain are playing at Tuska this year. I love them and they are on my bucket list of bands to see, but they are on Friday. Ghost are on Saturday. Children of Bodom are Sunday.

If these bands were on the same day I would the there like a shot but they aren’t. I don’t like any of the other bands.

South Park just got a bit better. It was great the last time we were there. But again the bands I would want to see are split over 2 days: Reckless Love, Santa Cruz, Shiraz Lane, LA Guns. And again I don’t really like any of the others.

What to do? Any suggestions (in Finland though will travel).