The Journey – Danko Jones Road Trip

February 2017 saw Danko Jones play 2 gigs in, the middle of nowhere, Finland. As part of the the #talvifestivaali, in Kuopio and Joensuu, Danko Jones & co headlined a 5 band event over 2 nights and we were there to see it all *.

As Wildcat is released today, what better time to reminisce on a great couple of days while listening to a the great new album by Danko Jones. You can get Wild Cat here!!

 Day 1

An early start from me. Up at 6AM to get the train to Vantaa from the real journey to start. Kuopio was almost 400KM away and over 4 hour drive. Weather was quite OK so a fairly sedate drive ensued.

Lot’s of chit chat, laughter and music as we quite leisurely made our way to one of the main towns in the East of Finland. We had several stops and took our time to arrive in the town… at around 2PM.

Swim time next with Rich from the band. Deano gave tips for his swimming technique. I splashed and flapped around like a dolphin in a tuna net.

As is tradition with Deano, we had a #pizzafriday pizza from the local establishment. I though it was pretty good really, though couldn’t eat it all.

We got to the show after the first band had finished. The venue was a sports hall / arena. When we arrived there must have been a few hundred people. We went to the bar.

The comparison shot at the top of the page taken from January 2015…

A full run down of the set lists and bands is coming in the next blog post, but as a summary to the whole evening – what a blast!

It was such a fun event. I must admit I felt a bit like the American that went into the bar in American Werewolf, but people were very friendly. Lots of bouncing and boozing. I was hoarse the next day!

The night did end a bit painfully though. Why didn’t we switch on our “maps” on our phones? It took us hours to get back to the hotel.

Day 2

After a really shitty breakfast we made our way across the country to Joensuu. This thankfully was only a couple of hour drive this time.

After some banter on Twitter with Deano’s “friends” we decided to fuel up for the gig on day 2.

We arrived just after 3PM and went down to the arena to see where things were going to be happening in only a few hours.

The bands on day 2 were the same as day 1 but the running order changed a bit. The sound seemed better in this arena. The atmosphere was probably better and for sure there were more people.

We have “artist” passes for the evening so we were backstage a fair bit, got to say a few words to some of the bands and of course we managed to have a chat with Danko, JC and Rich before their set.


It’s always nice to talk to them and this time I managed to quiz Danko on their collaboration with the guys from “Circle” too. Interesting stuff.

As for the sets on day 2: Excellent. Perhaps even better than on Friday due to more familiarity with Hardcore Superstar & Backyard Babies material.

Day 3 – the road home

The long trek home started around midday. Kudos to the driver. I don’t think that I could have concentrated all that time. We were obviously on a down from 2 excellent “highs”.

Reminiscing and planning the next #dankojonesroadtrip – cheers Deano – top weekend!!!

* We didn’t see it all.

On both nights we missed the opening act – Pariisin Kevät. We kind of stumbled through the first day of Olavi Uusivirta – but missed him almost completely on the Saturday as we were backstage at the time 🙂