The Greatest Tour on Earth?

Initially as we celebrated Mother’s Day here in Finland I was of course thinking about my mother and all the other mothers in the world.

During the soundtrack of my life on Spotify as I #gotwood, my thoughts moved on to one of the hottest new mothers, Floor Jansen.


I was thinking about her, Nightwish and the times I’ve seen them. Especially for what was probably the greatest show on earth. What a day out that was. And what a line up.

Since the bands seems to know each other, they are all female fronted, I thought: what about a greatest tour on earth with all these friends and bands.

How does this line up sound to you?

Amaranthe opening the show.


Lacuna Coil next up

Delain to warm things up even more

Arch Enemy for some aggression female vocals

Nightwish to bring the greatest show on earth to a stunning climax

This article has been in draft since May, on hold as I hear that Tarja Turunen was touring South America with Amaranthe and Delain. This led me to believe that one day that anything is possible.

Would you want this to happen? Who else would you like to see? Battle Beast? Epica? Someone else?