The Greatest Show on Earth – II

I thought it would be hard for Nightwish to top their Ratina gig last year supporting their “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” album but again this was a overwhelming experience. I cannot give these guys enough credit for what was a fantastic performance and show.



Another great stage show, big screens, bright lights, flames and explosions and a stunning fireworks display: this had all the ingredients of a great gig.

The crowd, the place was rammed by this point, was expecting a good show and they were not to be disappointed. Over 2 hours of great music, with some “special” happenings and a finale that really takes some beating.


They played 7 songs from their magnificent Endless Forms Most Beautiful album, but mixed it up enough for the die hard fans to get their pleasure too.

Perhaps I am becoming more accustomed to their back catalog but I found their “classic” tracks like “Stargazers” and “Bless this child” a bit more interesting this time around.

Of course, the bounce along songs like “I want my tears back”, “Storytime” and “Elan” were great crowd pleasers too.


There were a couple of treats too. Their old bass player, Sami Vänskä, took to the stage for one song taking the bass role from Marco – who promptly went into the crowd to see what the fans were seeing.

There was also the welcome return onstage of Jukka Nevalainen. Hopefully this is a sign of his recovery and may be back with the band again soon? Who knows?


As Nightwish prepared to their finale, we moved to the back of the arena and got a really good view of the stage and the incredible firework show that accompanied “The Greatest Show On Earth”. I am sure that you would not have seen quite so much when deep in the crowd.

I listen to this track a lot. As a stand alone it is over 20 minutes long. A real composition it is also incredibly moving to see and hear performed live. It’s not the first time that I have welled up with emotion as they chant “We Were Here”…


A great show. I really enjoyed it. Was it better than the last time? I think so though I perhaps enjoyed it more the first time around because of the newness. I knew what to expect but it totally lived up to expectations.

Would I go and see them again? You better believe it. It is no wonder Nightwish fans are so passionate about the band.

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We were here – were you?