Sunset Sons – One to watch in 2016

2016 musically kicked off for me with the Imagine Dragons at the Hartwall Arena. Warming up for them was a new band that are definitely worth a listen.

Sunset Sons are a 4 piece indie rock band from France, though they originally hail from England & Australia.

Sunset Sons

I’d never heard of them or any of their music but was soon captivated by their sound and energetic performance.

They played 11 songs from their previous EPs and presumably new album that’s released in April. I can understand why Imagine Dragons selected then for a handful of shows around Europe. They have many really catchy tunes already.

Sunset Sons

Stand out track for me was the song that the singer introduced by saying “oh, this is a good one” or similar. I’m not quite sure which song it was but it was towards the end of their set & I’ve not found it on Spotify yet. None the less, tunes like “She wants” and “Come easy” after quite suitable showcases for their sound.

Looking forward to hearing their new album and hopefully seeing them live again in the not to distant future.

Great warm up band. What’s the best warm up act you have seen?