Sounded Good – Local Band Sold Out Nosturi

What can I say? This was quite a strange concert. To my surprise, & the friends that I was going to the gig with, the Local Band were set to be onstage at 19:30.

Wow, that is early. After questioning the girl on the door the consensus was that it was because people had to go to work the next day – thus the early start.

local band


This kind of scuppered our plans and we got into the venue at 20:00 just as they were playing their first song. They were late too 🙂

The show was sold out, so the place was mobbed. Being the short arse that I am, I couldn’t see a thing. We were upstairs but unlike previous shows when they have had monitors showing the performers there was none of that tonight. So it was a purely audio show for us.

They sounded pretty good. It was not too loud (is that a sign of old age?) and they played their inimitable mix of covers from Bon Jovi through to Van Halen.

If I were critical I would say that they played a lot of the tunes too fast. They kind of lost the sense of the original song. The real positive highlight was Untouched – a track originally by The Veronicas.

With Archie and Alex sharing vocals they absolutely nailed this, a great version with their own sound… With Alex (Children of Bodem) screaming the chorus it really rocked.

Their line up, as with their gig last year that I was at, the band also included Santa Cruz‘s Johnny on keyboards, along with Jussi69 (69 Eyes) on drums, Archie Cruz (Santa Cruz), Reckless Love‘s Olli and Alex Laiho.

A solid performance though I would have liked to have seen them. And I hope they focus more on making the covers their own instead of being a straight up cover band and trying to mimic the original performers.

I have no pictures of my own to show of any note, so included in this post are a few I found on Twitter from those that could see.

Their set list is available from Were you there? What did you think?