Shout It Out Loud IV — Part III

It’s been over a month since the festival and it is still very clear in my mind. I said at the time that it was probably the best gig of my life. I still think so now. Tesla we just amazing.


They played a couple of tracks from “Forever More” – which shamefully I had never heard before.  But I have a new anthem now: “I wanna live” – magic.

tesla band tesla band

I’ve always thought Tesla had a really solid sound but their musicianship is tremendous and vocals just fit the music so well. I haven’t got an exact set list but have been listing to this approximation on Spotify: Tesla @ Shout IT Out Loud

Lapping it Up geeetar!!

So great performances from all the bands, and special extra appreciation to BlackRain and to Tesla (the reason for going in the first place). Thank you all for making it such a great day out!!!!!!

tesla band

Making magic!