Shout It Out Loud IV — Part II

Jettblack were probably the least surprising of all the bands. No real prior knowledge of them, and they sounded how I imagined they would – apart from their accents. They were good none the less.

HEAT sounded as if they could have been magic. We were hangin’ in the VIP area with BlackRain at the time *. If we had gone into the crowd I bet it would have been awesome. Funnily enough they had played in Finland a few weeks prior @on the rocks. I would definitely go and see them again.

* when I say hangin’, we were actually all standing in a row, against a sort of barrier watching and appreciating the music. We talk a fair amount to the band but they looked as if they were enjoying the evening too, so we let them be as much as possible.

Quireboys were the Quireboys.


I’ve never seen them before but they were absolutely as I expected. Totally pub rock’n’roll. Class in a glass. They played some new songs from an up-coming album and of course many of their classics such as “Hey You” and 7’o’clock. Tesla would be on soon!!