Shout It Out Loud IV — Part I

Duisburg, 5th (ha ha) April 2013 will be a day that I’ll not forget for a long time. Shout It Out Loud IV really was something special.

As part of a few days break in the area that took in a local game of football and many of the local beers the concert was top-notch from the time the first guitar screeched until the final bows.


Old’s Cool lived up to their name. Adam Bomb – can’t say any more than:

Je t’aime bebe …. ( 8===> )

BlackRain were awesome, what a great voice Swan has. Full of energy and they looked as if they were really having fun too. Announced they’d just got a big record contract too – so look out for these guys..

Very down to earth, easy to speak to and seemed to enjoy the music too…


Look out ReckLess Love – you have competition.

Well, that’s up to 7’0’clock .. more to come next post.