Should I Risk Destroying The Memories of The Greatest Show on Earth?

For many months I have been toying with the idea of going to see Nightwish again.

After blowing my mind at Ratina back in the summer and with Endless Forms Most Beautiful being my most listened to this year (and probably favourite album ever) it is really tempting to go and see them again.



The Ratina show will most likely be my top live show of 2015. It was absolutely majestic. I’m still moved immensely when I listen to their final epic track on the album: Greatest Show on Earth.

Is it worth risking those feelings and memories to see them again?

There are standing tickets available still, but my concern is that they will play a scaled down version of their show. There for sure won’t be the same amount of pyrotechnics and, well, the Ratina show was also used for an upcoming DVD/BluRay release – probably in time for Christmas.

I will go and see them again in the future for sure. But for now I think I need to get my expectations into check.

What would you do?