Screaming for Adreneline – Santa Cruz are Relentless Renegades

So after 4 years since the first time we experienced Santa Cruz live and 2 albums later we return to Nosturi to see the young Finnish band warm up for the South Park festival in Tampere with an intense headline show.

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

They practically just stepped off a plane from their U.S. Tour and treated the quite sizable crowd to an energetic set, complete with smoke and pyrotechnics courtesy of Nosturi staging.

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

Their intro music is interesting. “Gonna fly now” – you may recognize it from Rocky I think. Then they rattled through 3 tracks from their sophomore, eponymous album:

  • Bonafide Heroes
  • Velvet Rope
  • My Remedy

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

The latter is perhaps my favorite track on the album but I have to admit that I really enjoyed the songs that I’m not so keen on, like Velvet Rope and 6 (66) feet under that followed shortly after.

  • Anthem for the Young N’ Restless
  • Nothing Compares to You
  • Relentless Renegades

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

A step back in time to their first album and the place was really jumping. They have developed a lot as a band, they are all a lot more involved. The guitar duties seem to be shared more…

And they all are singing background and banging their heads like nobody’s business through most of the tracks.

  • 6 (66) Feet Under
  • Let Them Burn
  • Bye Bye Babylon

This was a really good section of the show. Real “metal”… Bye Bye Babylon perhaps the stand out track of the night.

  • Screaming for Adrenaline
  • Let Me

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

Back to Screaming for Adrenaline to end the regular gig, before the usual encores. What was missing?

  • We Are the Ones to Fall
  • Wasted & Wounded
  • Aiming High

Santa Cruz @ Nosturi

Again tremendous energy with their anthemic tunes, heavy riffs and quite incredible guitar solos at times. To end they did a cover of the Billy Idol classic “Rebel Yell” …

A great end to a great gig where two of the Cruz Bros ended up right in the crowd. It really wet the appetite for the next day at South Park.

Destined for great things methinks. What about you?