Save That Goodness

I’ve discovered a few new artists over the past couple of weeks, but I always seem to fall back to the old school in the end.

This is a new video from Tesla. One of my favorite bands and absolutely one of the best gigs I have ever been to back at the Shout It Out Loud festival.



Love this song. I was just surfing around YouTube and noticed they had a new video – and here it is. Great track and a bit of a different sound for them.

“Our new video for “Save That Goodness” captures the essence of the song…it’s a feel good message with a hint of spirituality.

TESLA the band is having a great time with our new friend and vocalist Debbi Blackwell, while performing with our old friend Phil Collen.

The location glues it all together in a turn of the century classic chapel that conveys an old time feeling of gospel, while the band has fun playing new rock and roll and blending the two.”

What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? Add your comments below…