Santa Cruz goes Pop

Have I lost seven months or is this for real? Santa Cruz, the “bad boys” of Finnish metal have just released a song with pop sensation Robin.

I saw a post on their Facebook page on Thursday saying that Friday was the day, but I couldn’t quite believe it. On Friday they posted links to Spotify, and other music streaming services, to the song.

What on earth is going on?

Santa Cruz @South Park

For those that don’t know, Robin is the Finnish equivalent of Justin Bieber. There were rumours of him joining One Direction in April that turned out to be untrue.

However this latest escapade is true and you can hear for yourself by following this link: Yö kuuluu meille.

And look out for the video next Friday.

To me, it doesn’t sound like much of a departure from his normal stuff. For Santa Cruz however this is quite radical.

I hope this doesn’t damage their image – of course it may well improve their visibility to a whole new audience. As if their fans aren’t young enough already.

I go to see Santa Cruz tonight in Tavastia for the 3rd time this year, I wonder if he will be a special guest?

Have you heard the song? I quite like it but what do you think?