Sonisphere Finland Ruined

The Sonisphere Festival is a touring music festival which takes place across Europe between June and August. It first started as far as I am aware in 2009 and in Finland it was located in Pori – home of the jazz festival. It was fast becoming a tradition to make an adventure out of the festival and spend some time around the area: and take in a few bars of course.

2009’s draw was Linkin Park. They were not the main act but they were amongst a pretty solid line up. I went with the wife and the McLogs driving there and back in the day. We escaped during Metallica which was just as well. Apparently the gates were locked after they finished to allow the band to get out before the rest of the audience. Just one thing to add to a list of bad organization.


Now, admittedly taking kids to these kind of things is maybe not that desirable, but it is totally un affordable when they expect kids to pay full ticket price. Related to tickets or at least getting into the venue – it took way too long. Over half an hour to get in a couple of hours before kick-off is unacceptable.

This is just bad organization but we decided to give it another go in 2010 when a 2 day line up was announce. There were some great bands, some not so great … and HIM 🙂 Anyhoo it was much better organized. I went with Mr McLog this time and we stayed in an over-priced hotel (but that is another story) and arrived on the first day to almost walk straight into the arena.

There was a bit of a delay for the first bands of the day but essentially everything went smoothly. On the second day there was the mini-tsunami. The 2nd stage was wrecked but organizers and bands tried very hard to keep the show going. Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper were terrific. Iron Maiden were Iron Maiden. All in all it was a fantastic event. We decided that from that point Sonisphere would be our event, a break from the families and time to let our hair down.

Eager in anticipation of the 2011 event we heard rumblings that the event would be moved to Helsinki. There goes our madventures!! Let’s persevere I thought, there may still be a good line up over the couple of days – it can still be our festival.

In November / December 2010 other countries started posted their expected line-ups for the summer event. The Big 4 (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax) announced in the UK, Iron Maiden in other locations but nothing in Finland. Even up until February a venue was not announce. Then the news trickled in:

1 day event in July in Helsinki, Kalasatama to be precise. What was going on? The line-up better be good. Personally I don’t want to see The Big 4 – I will see 2 of them in March. But who would it be? After days/months of speculation the line-up has been announced:



B-List bands with very limited appeal (to me at least) – saw most of them in 2010 at Sonisphere and have little or no desire to see them again. In Flames would be interesting but not for nearly 90 Euros. Duck that!!

RIP Sonisphere Finland!!!