Rocking’ Ratina – The Greatest Show on Earth #mindblown

My anticipation and expectations were high for Nightwish and I was not disappointed.

Having enjoyed Sonata Arctica and been very pleasantly surprised by Children of Bodom, we were all set for the Greatest Show on Earth…

Would it be?

We were here @nightwish #tampere #ratina #nightwish #greatestshowonearth

The stage was set, the warm-up bands had warmed the crowd nicely. That was just the shudder before the beautiful.

We decided to stop drinking and try to get close to the front early. We didn’t really get on very well with that idea though. Why are people in Finland so tall?

After about 30 minutes or so, we decided to move out a bit, and the view improved no end with no noticeable deterioration of sound. I could hardly see the stage where we were at first.

They blasted off with a couple of tracks from the most excellent Endless Forms Most Beautiful, then onto the great riff-based Amaranth.


As you can see from the breakdown of the songs they played, there was a lot from older albums to keep the old school Nightwish fans happy (perhaps).

I think given the way their music has developed over the years that fans should really drop the Tarja complex. She has long gone, and their music is at a completely different level today. Bye bye beautiful!!

Although I have never seen Nightwish with Tarja, I did see them with their next singer, Annette, on one occasion. While she has good I think Floor adds much more than just a voice to the band. She has great presence.

Having said that I haven’t seen Tarja live, I would also state at this point that I was not a big fan at that time. I much prefer the last 3 albums that they have released and think that Endless Forms Most Beautiful is their best album to date… Bar none!

Mixing between old and new, their performance was solid, Floor leading the band and all of them full of smiles. This concert was recorded and will be released on DVD at a later date.

The climax of the show was mind-blowing. Through the gig there were pyrotechnics, great visualisations on the screens behind the performers and a great stack of lights.

Perhaps I should have checked for earlier shows as I never imagined that they would play so much of The Greatest Show on Earth.

Building from the piano intro, there were fireworks and more pyros as everyone just went crazy. 25,000 people totally absorbed in such an epic composition.

Those that know me well will know I am quite an emotional person sometimes. Nightwish, not for the first time, really moved me…

Absolutely breathtaking.

I hope this finally puts the Tarja ghost to bed, and I am sure this does cement Nightwish as the greatest ever Finnish band.

What do you think?

Here is the full set, from