Rockin’ Ratina – Sonata Arctica warm up for Nightwish

An all Finnish line-up was scheduled for a Nightwish extravaganza at the Ratina Stadium in Tampere on the last day of July.

Expectations were high for the headlining act, but how would the warm-up bands perform?

First up were Sonata Arctica. I think this may actually be the third time I have seen these guys perform. I am pretty sure I saw them at least at Tuska Festival a few years back.

That said, I am not too familiar with their music, though I could recognise about 3 songs from general radio airplay.

We had a “view” from the bar area for them. They sounded pretty good, and their singer had an excellent voice. Setlist is below, from

  1. White Pearl, Black Oceans…
  2. X Marks the Spot
  3. FullMoon
  4. I Have a Right
  5. 8th Commandment
  6. Tallulah
  7. The Wolves Die Young
  8. Destruction Preventer
  9. Don’t Say a Word (with Vodka outro)

They were an excellent start to the afternoon. Highlight was one the bar staff absolutely going for it as she was serving. It was probably her best day at work ever.

What did you think?