Rockin’ Ratina – Children Of Bodom Set the Tone

Second on stage of the all Finnish line-up for a Nightwish extravaganza at the Ratina Stadium were Children of Bodom.

I’d only heard a few of their songs previously, most of which were cover versions, and never really liked them to be honest. That was to change though after this performance.

We started this gig at the bar, but they sounded pretty good from even there – worth making our way forward to get a closer look.

They are extremely heavy sounding though apparently they tone down their sound live compared to their album work.

The singer is “dirty”, and not necessarily a sound that I like normally. However it really fits the music. His guitar work was amazing.

I’ve been told often, by many different people, that Alexi Laiho was something special on guitar. I couldn’t agree more.

In fact, I have just seen him play for local band.

The set, from, is below. I didn’t recognise any of it, but it was a great sound and great atmosphere. I’ll try to catch the band live the next time they are in Helsinki.

  1. Are You Dead Yet?
  2. Sixpounder
  3. Hate Me!
  4. Silent Night, Bodom Night
  5. Needled 24/7
  6. Everytime I Die
  7. Halo of Blood
  8. Scream for Silence
  9. Living Dead Beat
  10. Lake Bodom
  11. Downfall
  12. In Your Face

They were the surprise of the show. I didn’t think they’d fit in with the rest of the acts. They didn’t really, but it was a terrific performance and I am glad to have seen them live.

What did you think?