Rock Rock (till you drop) – Def Leppard at South Park, Tampere

This was a greatest hits package. But who the fuck cares.

Never mind the fact that the wonderful sounds of Pyromania are from 1983 and before, Hysteria is 28 years old this year. With such familiarity is there anyway that this is going to be the greatest gig ever?

Def Leppard

After the band on the second stage finished we were straight into The Who soundtrack intro: won’t get fooled again….

Anticipation growing,,,,

  • Rock, Rock til you drop
  • Animal
  • Let it go
  • Foolin’

Def Leppard

This is like a giant karaoke. Incredible atmosphere. Great set design, very visual with little in the way of pyros, it felt you could be a twenty year old kid driving your dads car with DL blasting from the meager sound system of the time.

  • Armageddon it
  • Love bites
  • Rocket
  • Bringin on the heartbreak
  • Switch 625

Def Leppard

An incredible section of their set again, not necessarily my favorite songs but Armageddon it, Rocket and switch 625 really stand out.

Def Leppard

There was a section with the guitars, Phil & Adrian, bassist Rick and the drummer that really hit all the right notes. As close as they were going to get to the “zone” as an other. Quite dreamy especially considering Phil’s lubed up and dry tight, ripped body. He looks fantastic for his age: obviously not been living the rock n’ roll lifestyle to the full.

  • Hysteria
  • Let’s get rocked
  • Pour some sugar on me

Def Leppard

Karaoke to the max. Hysteria is probably my stand out song from the day. That album has to be one of the greatest albums track for track.

  • Rock of ages
  • Photograph

The night ended with older songs, no less awesome than anything else. The crowd sung and danced as if it was still 1987. A wonderful, if not short, set. Nothing less that you would expect from the legends that Def Leppard are.

Def Leppard

What stood out for you?