Robin to Replace Zayn in One Direction

Teenage Finnish pop sensation Robin will be confirmed later today as the temporary replacement for Zayn Malik who left One Direction last week in the midst of their tour.

Robin, 16, was expected to be surprise warm up act for 1D when they return to Europe from UAE in mid June culminating, their show in Helsinki on the 27th.

However it has been confirm that he will be part of the band for the dates in June with a high possibility of Robin become a permanent band member when they fly to America for the next leg of their tour.

Although considerably younger that the rest of the band, Robin is looking forward to being in 1D citing Harry as his favourite.

He’s a shag. I can’t wait to get stoned with him.

The rest of the band declined to comment on the speculation last night in Johannesburg. They are traveling to Cape Town currently and expected to make the announcement in their press conference later today.

Is Robin a good replacement for Zayn? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.