Radio Rock Suomi Cruise – Music Year Kicks Off on a Boat

I hinted at an event last week that was the kick start of my gigging year (attending not playing), but I didn’t want to give away too much since I wasn’t quite sure how things would all pan out.

Anyway, the Radio Rock Cruise has taken place and it way surpassed expectations. Quite simply, it was one of the best days of my life.


The day started off with Xbox and ended with beer and conversation with bands … and there was so much cool stuff in-between.

After watching Deano_42 consuming 2 Burger King burgers we hopped on a tram and got down to the ferry terminal and had a lonkero. Then I saw Danko Jones and his posse and Dean introduced us all.

We hung around waiting to get on the boat early, band privilege, and Danko began to experience what Finnish people (about to go on an overnight cruise to Tallinn) are really like.


Not really knowing what to expect, we were delighted to learn that we could stay together for most of the evening, starting with watching the sound check and then dinner together. And, of course, the after party.

The sound check was quite an experience. The lounge where the gig was holds around 800/900 people and since there was only crew at the time, we could leisurely sit and take in the atmosphere and enjoy what was almost like a private show.

After all the check-one-two’s DJ and band, JC and Rich, blasted through what turned out to be their opening medley … and really: WOW!!!


I recorded that song, the first track from Fire Music (get it now), but am not going to publish it. Not due to copyright, but due to the fact I want something for myself. I didn’t take any pictures of me with the band and during the gig itself I only took a few stage shots. I was enjoying myself too much.

I did get a few photos with the lovely Elize from Amaranthe though. I also managed to speak to Olof, Henrick and Johan at some stages though-out the night.

Socialising with the Radio Rock gang at the after party kind of put me over the edge, so Sunday was a bit hungover. I blame Osku for this completely.

I slept until midday so missed the listening event with the DJ band, but caught up with them again at lunch.

What a brilliant time. If this was a day later, it would have been quite possibly the greatest groundhog day ever to get caught in 🙂


I have to say a big thanks to Danko, JC and Rich for being so hospitable and to Dean for the opportunity and a HUGE thank you to Matias for making it all happen.!!

More to come, but where you there? What was your highlight?