Pros (and Cons) of Himos Park as a Music Venue

I may have ranted a bit about the event organisation of the recent Linkin Park gig but I’ve decided to give this a fair shot and list the good things about the event as a whole.

Queuing for 20 mins already. Gates opened @4 but Q didn't move for 10 mins. #waiting4theend

There were many bad points about the organisation, but this seems to be a de facto situation in Finland for some reason.


  1. Queuing
  2. Parking
  3. Location

Queuing to get in to the venue wasn’t necessarily an issue. The fact that the gates didn’t open on time is. They have had all day to prepare!!

Parking was in a field. No surprise. It wasn’t even that expensive and it was less than 10 minutes walk to the venue. However getting out was a nightmare.

We were fairly close to the exit and were in the car quite quickly after the end of the show. We didn’t move at all for over 30 minutes. I think we finally escaped after about an hour.

Other than the fact that Himos is almost in the middle of nowhere, about 3.5 hour drive for us, that is the end of my complaining.

Ok, May have spoken too soon about #himospark - 2/3 bar area. & viewing area on slope so even short arses like me might be able to see. #linkinpark


  1. Compact venue
  2. Standing area
  3. Bar
  4. Toilets

The venue was quite compact. I believe there were around 8,000 tickets sold. So not a massive gig – but more intimate.

The standing area was concrete and sloped down towards the stage. This is fantastic for short people like me.

The standing area was also 2/3 bar. I wasn’t drinking too much, but spent practically no time queuing for beer.

Since this is a skiing resort there were also proper toilets. Again there were no queues for these and made a very pleasant change from the usual porta-cabins.

Of course, this was a Monday evening in the middle of nowhere so perhaps not so many people were drinking but still.

There were two terraces at the back of the standing area. This cost extra but would have been a nice way to spend a few extra dollars – especially if it had been raining.

Overall I think this was a very good event.

If the organisers sort out the parking in particular I believe this could become a regular outdoor venue for some big bands – this was their first of this size.

Were you there? What did you think?