Paul Gilbert Sings the Blues

I’ve digging through some of my old photos and came across this set of Paul Gilbert. It was such an unexpectedly good gig I decided to share these pictures and his cover version of Gary Moore’s “Still Got the blues”.

Paul Gilbert

April 2013 at Nosturi, Helsinki was the date and venue for the show. After seeing Cinderella there a few months ago, my friend and I made a strategic decision to plant ourselves at the very front of the upper floor. It was a truly great position. Good sound and excellent view.

Paul Gilbert

They played a fair amount of Racer-X songs, perhaps as expected and quite a few covers. Here is the setlist for that show.

Set List

It should be stated that the band was a really talented bunch of musicians. I was particularly impressed with their bass player.

The highlight of the show was perhaps their cover of AC/DC’s “Beating Around the Bush”. Not only a cracking track but all the band swapped instruments so Paul was on drums, and their bassist on guitar with his wife (?) on vocals.

Paul Gilbert

As promised, here is the video of the Gary Moore song for your listening pleasure.

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