Nothing Like a Good Time – 100guitarsfromHEL

What a great concept. One of the greatest guitarists of modern rock gathers together 100 guitarists, composes a new tune to be played to a crowd on the steps on Helsinki Senate Square.

This great idea was ruined for me and thousands of others due to typically bad Finnish organization. What a disappointment.


We arrived early, though not early enough obviously. We could not get down to the steps in front of the cathedral so we had to go to the top right in front of the building itself. It was absolutely rammed.

We could not see or eventually hear anything. After the gig started we moved down to the side to see if we could catch anything at all. We managed to catch a glimpse of big screens but we couldn’t hear. Apparently they had sound issues also.

The problem for me was not really that we couldn’t see or hear anything. It was the organization around the event. There were up to 10 times more people than expected and it was really a waste of time being there at the back. Officials should have been communicating this.

They could have also moved the stage back considerably to allow more people to see. Or even better, had the band on top of the steps and the crowd down below looking up.

Speaking to 3 of the guitarists afterwards, before The Local Band gig, they had a great time. As you can see from the video posted below the crowd looked amazing and the sound of the band, with it’s 100 guitarists, was awesome.

Such a shame, but oh well, life goes on… Onwards to the Local band 🙂


Were you there? Could you see?