Nightwish – The Greatest Show on Earth

Endless Form Most Beautiful has been out for almost a month, and I’ve listened to it very frequently. At this point in time it is my favorite Nightwish album and elevates them to my favorite current band.



I’ve never been a huge fan of the Tarja era, though they undoubtedly have some classic tracks such as I Wish Had an Angel and Nemo.



 The Annette era spawned 2 fantastic albums: Dark Passion Play and Imaginaerium.



With brilliant songs such as Amaranth, Bye Bye Beautiful, Storytime and I Want My Tears Back, for me they took it to the next level musically.

Opening Scenes

I was lucky enough to see this lineup and show in March 2012. But things were not to last and Annete was replaced whilst on tour by Floor Jansen.


I saw them twice with Floor singing and have been enamoured ever since I first saw her perform at the Imaginaerium premiere only 8 months later. They were magnificent at Tuska in 2013. 

I know you're there Floor

I tried to get into her previous bands, ReVamp and After Forever. Loved her voice, just never like any of the songs she did with those bands.

So the journey from opera singer to biker chick to Amazonian goddess is complete for Nightwish and their sound  upped yet another level. I was delighted when she was confirmed as a permanent replacement.



Listening to Toumas talking prior to the release of the album he wished for people to listen all the way though. Whilst people will have their favorite song there is a flow to the album that makes it quiet conceptual. 

I will do a full review of the album very soon, but I wanted to highlight 2 things today.

  1. It is “heavy as f@ck”. Quite reminiscent of Rammstein in parts
  2. The Greatest Show on Earth is incredible. 25 minutes in length it’s an amazing composition.

To the “Nightwish were better with Tarja” brigade: get over it. 

To those thinking “too much pipes”: don’t worry, they are not overwhelming throughout the album.

To the doubters: try it, you’ll love it. 

 Is this Nightwish’s best album? I’d love to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below or ping me on Twitter.