New Day Rising #vhb

I got to see another of Finland’s more popular rock bands in February. Von Hertzen Brothers played at Tavastia promoting their new album.

Von Herten Brothers

A night away from the kids, the missus and I went with good friends and we viewed the show from the upstairs bar area.


To be honest I’m not overly familiar with their music, but I do like a few of their songs already. One track that I do love is the opening track of their new album. Thankfully they opened with their title track “new day rising”.


From the heights of the bar area we had an excellent view and could see the crowds reaction to the songs. To say that I’ve seen more life in zombies isn’t really fair… to zombies.

Von Herten Brothers

The Von Hertzen Brothers rattled through around 20 songs, you can see the set list here. Most songs got the same sort of reaction. Perhaps we were too far away? There was a lot of jumping around and dancing where we were.

Von Herten Brothers

I enjoyed the gig in general though. It was fun. Not by favourite band nor best gig that I’ve ever seen, but it was entertaining.

Von Herten Brothers

Were you there on the ground? What did you think?