My Year in Rock Kicks Off Tomorrow – On A Boat

Since I got confirmation of tickets to the Radio Rock Cruise on Wednesday I have barely been able to contain myself.

In what promises to be a good year for gigging it all starts with a headline show from Danko Jones. But it’s not just him/them that I’m looking forward to.


To be honest I don’t know an awful lot about the band, apart from the research I’ve been doing recently since I knew this gig was going to happen. However I do know a few of their older tracks and they do sound like fun.

I’ve been listening to them all day, as my Twitter stream would testify. Really like the brand new songs too from the album they are promoting: Fire Music!!


Danko even got in on the act. What are the chances of following that conversation up in real life?


On top of this, in support are Amaranthe. I am planning to see them in a couple of weeks, or at least I was. It depends on how good they are at the weekend 🙂

I’ve seen them once live before, and was impressed and they are responsible for Drop Dead Cynical, one of my top 3 songs of 2014!!


I don’t know about the other bands, but will no doubt write up about them all in the coming weeks.

Will you be on the cruise? What are you looking forward to most?