My Year in Music – 2014 according to Spotify

December always seems to be the time for lists, so I will get my balls rolling [ :-)] with how Spotify thinks my year was.

It should be noted that I do not have Spotify Premium account and that the free version for Windows Phone only became available in August. I do scrobble to but I also listen to quite a lot of offline music in my car.

First thing that stands out for me that “April Rain” is indeed my most played track of the year. This is the case over all medium. Since I discovered this song late last year I must be listening to it a few times a week at least. Usually two or three times in a row at a time.


I think the breakdown of genres is pretty fair over the year. I have really been following bands with female vocalists such as the afore mentioned Delain, Amaranthe, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Battle Beast to name but five.

I am devastated that Tokio Hotel have managed to sneak into my top five. Had I not purchased Modern Vintage by Sixx A.M. they would for sure be there. Check out my Last FM summary of 2014 (coming soon).

Amaranth are off the back of one song. I saw them last year at a festival, liked them, followed on Facebook. They had a new album this year, which I also bought, but it is their lead single, “Drop Dead Cynical” that did it for me.


You can see the complete rundown of my musical year on Spotify – how does it compare to yours? Comment below.