My Top 3 New Bands of 2015

I’ve discovered and seen a fair number of new to me bands this year. Here are my top 3. These bands are not brand new, they have been around for a few years but the first two are certainly not mainstream yet.

Last FM

Shiraz Lane

These a local band that I saw supporting Santa Cruz. They sound a bit like the Darkness due to the ridiculously high vocals of their singer. But they have some good bluesy stuff too that might give them a chance to succeed. Just signed a record contract a few months back. Twitter.

The Blanko

These guys opened for Apocalyptica in November. While we were watching them warm up as they got to song #3 that they actually have some good sounds and may well go quite far. Currently in the recording studio. More on Facebook.

Whilst the afore mentioned bands are quite new, and from Finland, the next have been around for a while but I only heard about them in around October.


Definitely not a new band, my friend and work colleague went to see this band and posted about it on Facebook saying it was one of the best gigs ever.

I hunted them down on Spotify and really love their sound.

Ghost records and performs pop hymns that glorify and glamorise the disgusting and sacrilegious.

Great stuff. Check them out through their Facebook pages.

I’m really looking forward to what they do in 2016.

What’s new & good for you?