My Top 3 Live Song Performances of 2015

I’ve seen many great gigs this year, but what were the stand out tracks by the many bands I’ve watch performing?


I saw Danko Jones twice this year and I’m trying hard not to include 2 songs from their live sets this year. So an honourable mention first goes to “Sugar High”.

Performed in Tavastia in October, this song was the band’s choice (they asked the audience). The choice was “Sugar High” or “Code of the Road”. It was brilliant and nice for a change.



Almost as brilliant as “Wild Woman” during their sound check on the Radio Rock cruise in January.


Santa Cruz

The standout track on Santa Cruz’s latest album for me is “Can You Feel the Rain?“. To see that performed live for their first time was a very special moment.



On what had been an amazing day at an amazing show, Nightwish finished their show with “The Greatest Show on Earth“. #MindBlown

What was your highlight?