My Top 3 Live Performances of 2016

Picking a top 3 for live performances is perhaps harder than previous years since I have been spoiled for choice in the past. 2016 has been quite ropy and maybe my expectations have been too high for some of the acts.


The bad stuff

I’ve been to a few duffers this year. I went to see Biffy Clyro in October with really high expectations. I really like there new album and am quite up with their previous releases.


I’m not sure if it was the venue, or lack of drink or the crowd. We were a long way back, found the lights pretty annoying at the beginning and when they “Howl”ed it was more of a whimper.

Not to be, but chances for them to redeem themselves later this year at Rock the Beach.

I’ve had my challenges with Muse in the past. This time, in June, I felt dead inside again. Stage show was visually quite stunning, and their sound was good. I just felt there was something missing.

Too long, get to the crunch.

The OK stuff

I want to see The Local Band, again, in August. We almost missed the gig entirely – they were on very early. To this end, we couldn’t get close and basically couldn’t see anything.


LA Guns were awesome, so many great memories. Their guitarist did a great cover of Purple Rain too, as it was shortly after Prince’s passing. My God, what a year though.

In January, the supporting band for Imagine Dragons, Sunset Sons, deserve a worthy mention. I can imagine seeing them in a smaller venue and really getting the audience to rock out. They did a pretty good job in the arena though.

What’s Left?

Steve Wilson and Toto in February, Imagine Dragons the month before and then Nightwish and their supports.

Toto were excellent under the circumstances, Imagine Dragons are set for really bit things… everyone has to start somewhere. I kind of enjoyed Arch Enemy in a weird sort of way – not sure why. But top 3….

#3 – Steven Wilson

A great performance of his latest album, again with a fitting tribute – this time David Bowie.

Steven Wilson

#2 Delain

Finally. I’ve been waiting for years.These guys were super awesome. I cannot wait to see them again. The highlight: the gathering.

Charlotte & Marco #1

#1 Nightwish

Are you surprised? Of course not. Stunning set and show. I’m sure even non-Nightwish fans would have difficulty not enjoying their show.


A year break now, while Floor has a baby, so I need to stalk Amaranthe and Delain a bit more in 2017. But it was indeed the Greatest Show on Earth II and #wewerehere

What are you looking forward to the most for the coming year?