My Top 3 Live Bands of 2014

2014 has been a somewhat mediocre year of live music for me. It started off very well with Simple Minds in January, but there haven’t really been that many really great gigs this year. However, here are my top 3 live bands I’ve seen this year from the list of possible “winners”.

Apocalyptica, Battle Beast, Within Temptation, Reckless Love, Lenny Kravitz and then bands at South Park festivalH.E.A.T, W.A.S.P. and Europe – who will come out on top?


I’ve seen Reckless Love many times over the past few years. I love them to bits – even got to meet up with the band the last time I saw them. They never disappoint. You know what you are going to get when you see them … and they do. Always.

Battle Beast may perhaps fall into this category too. I have seen this band three times now and am very impressed. They are very solid at what they do and they do it very well.

But the highlights, though not necessarily the best actual performances, for me were:


Simple Minds – although I have ashamedly never seen the band live before I have liked their music as long as I can remember. A “dry” gig I absolutely loved it … couldn’t stop moving with the music. I loved is so much I even bought a recording of the gig. (another first).

Apocalyptica Live #2

Apocalyptica – based on their musical ability and the fact that this gig was just so different. In a concert hall with a chamber orchestra backing them up was an experience all unto itself.

Again, the final choice is difficult. H.E.A.T are just so dynamic on stage… Having seen them twice now and purchasing two of their albums this year, you could say am a fan. But I guess they are not quite at the level of superstardom that merits a place in the top live bands of 2014.

That means a showdown between Europe and Lenny. Tough to call. Lenny was unwell, Europe had technical glitches. Lenny has a host of great songs, so do Europe and …. “The Final Countdown”.

Even though I prefer Europe’s style of music and the fact that I didn’t really want to go to see Lenny Kravitz in the first place I think that the final slot should go to …..



Big band sound, lots of musicians and singers on stage. Simple performance but you can tell there was so much appreciation of the music and talent. Reminded me a bit of Dweezil Zappa’s band in that respect.

So there you have it. Simple MindsApocalyptica and Lenny Kravitz.

Who were your top live bands of 2014? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.