My Top 3 Albums of 2016

In what has been a somewhat eclectic year for me for music selecting my top 3 albums should not be too hard. Since Last FM really fucked up their service last year though, I cannot show what my most played tracks or albums are.

However, my top LPs are mostly by female-fronted bands and my tastes don’t appear to have wavered much since last year.



Honorable Mentions

There were 2 albums by Sixx A.M. this year that were very good. I don’t think they capture the feel of their debut, Heroin Diaries, but worth a mention.

Biffy Clyro released an album this year. Whilst the album is very good I can’t include it in my top 3 as I was so utterly disappointed with them live last month. Their song “Howl” was a whimper. Hopefully they will be better next year at Rock Fest.

Finally, Lacuna Coil released an album that I’ve only discovered recently. Inspired by their Naughty Christmas song I started to listen to Delirium again this week and really like it.

Good enough for the top 3? Not quite, but I’m sure if I listened to it more frequently since its release it may well have gotten higher in my charts.

#3 – Sunset Sons: Very Rarely Say Die

After discovering them as they supported Imagine Dragons live back in January, Sunset Sons release Very Rarely Say Die in April.

A great album that includes most of the stuff they performed live and few tracks from their previously released EPs. A great debut album.

#2 – Delain: Moonbathers

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Delain make it into the top 3. With some brilliant songs in their back catalog I was lucky enough to finally see Delain live supporting Nightwish this year.

They played a couple of tracks from the at-the-time unreleased album Moontbathers, such as Suckerpunch and I knew then it would be a goody. I was not disappointed.

#1 – Amaranthe: Maximalism


As most of my most recent music posts have been about the singles and subsequent album release, it is perhaps not surprise that this tops my list.

It is a great mix of rough and smooth vocals, techno backing tracks and heavy as hell riffs. I’ve found myself listening to this over and over again. And whilst their previous albums have been strong, I believe this is their best effort yet as a complete album.

I’ve seen them a couple of times before, most memorably on the Radio Rock cruise, and even met Elize in a petrol station in downtown Helsinki early this year.

I cannot wait to see them again next year, firstly in April then perhaps at one of the many festivals throughout Finland in the summer.

What was the highlight for you for albums & what are you looking forward to next year?