My Top 3 Albums of 2015

I only bought a few albums this year. It started off quite promising but quickly tailed away to listening only on Spotify. Here is a list of what I bought, and then I will run down my top 3. It is not a tough call this time around.


Albums I bought in 2015 listed below, non-2015 albums marked with *

  • Battle Beast – Unholy Saviour
  • Danko Jones – Fire Music
  • Delain – Lucidity *
  • Delain  – April Rain *
  • Delain – We Are the Others *
  • Delain – Interlude *
  • Muse – Drones
  • Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • Santa Cruz – Screaming for Adrenaline *
  • Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz

Since only 5 of the listed albums are actually from this year, it is easy to whittle this down to 3 quite quickly.

Battle Beast have been touring like crazy this year, got rid of one of their guitarists and changed their sound to pure pop in some cases. I was going to see them at least once this year, but unfortunately it conflicted with Katy Perry.


I found their latest album a bit repetitive in terms of what they have done before and not really listened to it much since buying it.

I bought Drones by Muse on release day. I have tickets to see them again since I have rekindled my love for them live after seeing them live back in 2013.

However their latest album doesn’t really do it for me. I have no doubt I will be listening to it heavily before their Helsinki gig, but for now it is on the back burner.

So that leaves the top 3.


Fire Music is everything you would expect from a Danko Jones album and a bit more. It has the usual heavy riffs and catchy tunes.

What elevates this for me was seeing them perform Wild Woman in their sound check on the Radio Rock Cruise in February. To me that was a very special occasion.

As well as “There’s Gonna Be a Fight” I love “Piranha”.

Santa Cruz

The eponymous second album of Santa Cruz is fantastic. They are really developing their music with their own sound. Ironically, unlike their first album, there are a couple of tracks that I don’t like on this album.

However, I have seen them perform these live and they were actually some of the stand outs of their performance. So what do I know?

Lucky enough to see Santa Cruz 3 times in 2015 after missing them for a couple of years, they are definitely one to watch. If you only listen to one of their songs then check out “Can you Feel the Rain?”. Enough said.


Endless Forms Most Beautiful is a masterpiece.

This is Nightwish’s best album ever and possibly one of my favourite albums of all time. (Time will tell of course).

From the heavy Rammstein-esq riffs to slow ballads this is, in parts, magical. The Greatest Show on Earth the majestic climax to a truly stunning album. Make sure and read my brief review if you haven’t already.

What was your favourite purchase this year?